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September 25, 2015


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Rebecca Bull

You are every bit as loveable and wonderful as you ever were! You made me laugh, which you always do! Miss you SOOOOOO much!

Kristin in Holland

I've just put a reminder in my calendar for every two weeks to bug you and ask for an updated gut picture. Must say those calf muscles are looking mighty fine as usual :)

From one occasional-blogger-with plans-for-more-frequency blogger to another, it seems choosing a set time every day for whatever you want to do is the most effective way to introduce change. Discipline. As you already said. (I'm almost done with a novel!)



Hey, that WAS my kid gritona out of YOUR armonía! Shit, sorry, phone was in Spanish mode.

That was my kid growing out of your armpit!

Good luck uncle Dave, send Mia more brownies.



If you need some inspirational help, just call our friend Joe. He has a lot of experience on this subject and can be quite motivational..! ;-)

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